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Private Experience Sessions


per person

4 hour session

Parties or individuals will attend the flying site for an experience lasting 4 hours. Typical sessions will have no more than 8 people however larger parties can be accommodated upon discussion. Sessions will begin with a brief health and safety talk followed by a run down of the session. The first half of the session will involve flying 2 birds with a handling session in between. The group will be split in half and taken to opposite ends of the flying field. The bird will then fly between your gloves. The handling session will be used for the party to get a chance to get more comfortable in close proximity to the birds, and maybe have your photo taken too! A second flying session will then occur. The first half will finish with a coffee break while the party watch a falcon fly to a swing lure. The second half of the session will largely be taken up by a Hawk Hike. Parties will walk round the perimeter of the flying area with a hawk following, flying to the glove. The session will end with a final display.