Mercer Falconry as a business has been a dream and ambition for many years now. In 2019 I found myself in a position stable enough to give it a go, then 2020 happened…

Due to the events of this year, we have been delayed in receiving our Animal Activities License, all shows have been cancelled, and complying with social distancing has meant we have been unable to take bookings or have any income.


This year has not been a waste though, We used the time to set everything up to launch early summer 2021, we have this lovely new website, we have acquired land to host our services on, and we have started to build up an amazing group of people helping out and supporting us through post shares, posing for advertisement photos, and generally helping the business grow any way they can.


We are incredibly grateful for all the support we receive and now have a new way to show your support through donating. We have set up 4 plans each with their own rewards!


A small donation of £8 will buy 2 weeks worth of food for all of the birds! A £15 donation buys 2 weeks of food and runs the website for a whole month. A Donation of £25 buys all the birds food for a full month and runs the website for a month. An amazing donation of £50 goes in a pot that will help pay for the next team member!