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Flying a Harris Hawk
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The National Forest in Derbyshire

Falconry Experiences in the National Forest

Experience and photograph the amazing birds in a natural setting of stunning farmland and woods in South Derbyshires National Forest.

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about us

Director - Dan

Dan started working with birds as his first job, after finishing school. While studying animal science at college he worked with a local falconer flying birds for displays throughout the summers and using the birds for pest control throughout the winters. Dan then went on to work in falconry centres, doing displays and experiences with a wide variety of birds.

Combining knowledge from his studies with a traditional falconry approach, Dan now has his own team of birds and is proudly involved with projects such as the British Falconry and Raptor Fair, and a Future with Falconry. Dan believes falconry plays a large role in the conservation of raptors and therefore thinks it is very important to educate the public to create a long lasting positive future within falconry.

Photographer - Josh

Award Winning and with a degree in photography, Josh is the official photographer for the British Falconry and Raptor Fair, so he knows a thing or two about taking pictures of the birds!


You can meet Josh on our photography days where he will help set up your camera and be on hand to help you get the best possible photos you can from the birds. 

Flying a Harris Hawk

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South Derbyshire


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